I’m Back!

It’s been seven months since my last post… sorry about that. I was very ambitious when I started this blog back in August and honestly I just had too many things on my plate. When I decide to do something, I tend to go all in. This can be a blessing and a curse.

Let’s rewind a bit. I graduated from college in December of 2015. Then in January I got engaged, in February I started my first full-time job as an engineer, and shortly after that, in April, my fiance and I bought our house. That was a lot. It was wonderful! But a lot. Not to mention the following year and a half of turning our house into a home and planning a wedding. Phew! So naturally, as soon as we got married and things started to settle down, I began looking for somewhere new to focus my energy.

I grew up doing kung fu and dance, so I have always been drawn to activities that challenge my body. I had taken yoga classes here and there but yoga was never something I had committed to. To give you an idea, a lot of my yoga experiences were fun one-off special events like goat yoga or SUP (stand-up paddle) yoga. I had a lot of fun at these yoga events, but didn’t really have an idea of what it would be like to have a daily yoga practice. To me it seemed like a great way to stay in shape, but I wasn’t fully aware of the depths yoga would take me.

When I started this website last summer, I had these grand ideas (per usual) of doing yoga every day and posting about my progress in blog form and on Instagram posts. I think I got a little ahead of myself and forgot that I still had to go to work, eat, hang out with my husband, etc. So I let this blog fall away for awhile.

But SURPRISE I’m back! And all the while I have been practicing yoga almost every day and keeping up with my Instagram account @taylorruthyoga. Building my practice over these past few months has been such a blessing and I find it really helpful to chronicle my progress in photos and videos. Although I haven’t been writing about my progress I’ve definitely been making it! But more about that another time 🙂


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