Taylor Ruth

I thought it would be interesting to write a post about why I chose “Taylor Ruth Yoga” as the name for my yoga social media platforms.

For those of you who don’t know me, Taylor is my first name and Ruth is my middle name. Since I am recently married, my name is something that I’ve had to think about a lot. Your name is how you introduce yourself, how you apply for college, how you own a house or a car, and how you label yourself for the outside world. Your name doesn’t define who you are but it is part of who you are.

Henault is my maiden name. It is the last name, or surname, I was born with and it was a part of my full name until nine months ago. This name associates me with my family. My mom, dad, and sister all have this last name and so this name is one of the things that connects us. I love my family very much, and although we no longer share a name, we will never lose this connection.

Donahue is my married name. It is my husband’s last name and the last name our children will have. This name connects me to my new family, the family my husband and I will build together, as well as the family that my husband grew up with. I love my husband very much and I am proud to share a last name and build a family with him.

The reason I am talking about my family names is that, while my last name has changed, Taylor Ruth is and will be my name from birth until death. Although my parents gave me this name, is does not connect our family the way our last name does. Taylor Ruth is MY name. It will always be with me. When deciding who I wanted to be in my yoga practice, I wanted to be me. Yoga is deeply personal and I am on this journey with myself.

Taylor Ruth can also be shortened to T. Ruth or truth. Honesty has always been an important virtue for me and look at that, it’s built right into my name! I always try to be truthful and honest with myself and listen to what my body needs.


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