Yoga Community

While I do yoga by myself a lot of the time, I really enjoy sharing yoga with others.

My mom and I have been meeting up to take a yoga class together once a week for a while now. Although we don’t necessarily make it every week because, let’s face it, life can get crazy sometimes, every time we do I am so glad we did! For me it’s a great way to keep in contact with my Mom in the midst of our hectic lives. We meet up, catch up a bit, and focus on self-care at the same time.

Going to yoga with a friend is great because it can help motivate you to go to yoga even when you aren’t really feeling it and then you end up bettering yourselves together!

Even if you aren’t meeting up with a friend, going to yoga classes let’s you connect with the yoga community. There is something beautiful about the energy in the room when several yogis come together. It is as if we are sharing in each other’s energy and building each other up.

My home practice is very personal and focused on my own body and mind. Taking yoga classes with others in the community allow me to open past myself and share in practice with others. I often learn a lot, not only from the yogi teaching the class, but also other students in the class.


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