Get On Your Mat

Sometimes finding motivation is hard when it’s not already a part of your routine. All I can say is, yes. It is hard. I’m usually one of those people who comes up with a great idea (like starting an intense daily fitness routine) and I can really into it for the first few days but if I end up missing a day I think I’ve ruined it and there’s no point in continuing. This is all in my head of course. It has absolutely nothing to do with my physical ability or even my schedule for that matter. It has everything to do with my mind. I can miss a single day and continue on the next day. I can take a week off when I’m sick and ease back into a work out once I’m feeling up to it. Taking a break is not the end of the world. However, it doesn’t take a while (21 days they say) to actually build a habit. That’s science for you. So, with that said, keep up with a habit whether you follow through with the whole grand idea or not. By that I mean, if your goal is to do yoga every day, roll out your mat every day and just sit on it. If for a few days all you do is sit on your mat in stillness for five minutes, that is more valuable towards creating a daily yoga habit than doing an elaborate two-hour flow every day for a week and then calling it quits for the rest of the year. Be realistic in your goals and start by creating the habit in a small way. Once sitting on your mat for five minutes every day becomes a consistent part of your routine, doing fifteen minutes of sun salutations is only a tiny bit more effort. From there, maybe you extend it to a full hour flow every day, or maybe not. The important thing is that you give yourself realistic goals to begin with. Maybe over time you can meet your more extreme goal, but starting off that way can be discouraging. I urge you to start the habit today with a mini goal. In a month you’ll be amazed how easy it is to find some time every day to make it onto your mat! 


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